Some websites for your Edinburgh trip

In this article, we will give you some useful websites to assist your preparations of Edinburgh trip. Other articles (Edinburgh attractions, find a parking etc.) will be constantly updated in this website and in our affiliated Airdenair Guest House website.

Hope you could find some useful information from the sections below:

Edinburgh Attractions:

Edinburgh Trip Websites

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Transportation Websites for Edinburgh Trip

Lothian Buses

Lothian Buses is the largestes bus company owned by City of Edinburgh. In your Edinburgh trip, Lothian Buses may play a vital role in helping you travel around the city and surroundings. It has 70 services runs day and nights. It connects Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh city areas, East Lothian, Midlothian, and West Lothian. Apart from its regular day bus services, there are Night Buses, Airport Shutters and Tour buses available.

Traveline Scotland

It is your travel planner with public transport in Scotland, which is for all buses, railway, coaches, airplanes, and ferry in Scotland. It is very convenient and useful to have up-to-date, detailed connecting route info.

Highline Travel from Edinburgh

  • Highland Travel Agency: – it provides 1,2,3,week trip to Scotland Highland.
  • Grayline Tours: – they provide pick up service directly from our guest house. Most of their tours are 1 day around. They are suitable for a quick sightseeing trip.

Parking in Edinburgh